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About Us

The idea for GA1NSCLUB started in LA in 2018, where it's common to hear people talk about "gains" in the gym when referring to building muscles and strength.

But gains can be found in any aspect of life! We like a broader definition:

gains \’gāns \ noun plural

1. positive benefits that are achieved from a lifestyle of healthy choices

2. experiences, things or people that bring great pleasure

Besides a lifestyle of healthy choices, gains come from being around others with positive energy who inspire us.

We believe in the power of fitness, wellness and community to change lives and wanted to create a brand that reflects this mindset. Hence GA1NS CLUB was born.

Why did we replace the 'i" with 1 in GA1NS? Because 1 signifies

  • + prioritizing 1st things 1st
  • + leading the way, achieving at the highest level
  • + being your best

Why is there a "+" in your logo? Because + is a universal symbol of

  • + positivity
  • + addition, increase, gain
  • + spirit and faith

Anyone can be a member of GA1NS CLUB; it's a mindset that is open to anyone who chooses to embrace the +++ spirit!


GA1NS CLUB isn't just a clothing brand or athletics/fitness coaching. But a common philosophy is that there is a purpose and benefit in everything we do:

  • + Our casualwear features reflective elements to keep you visible at night
  • + Our sport apparel features technical fabrics and construction to help you perform
  • + Our athletics and training programs help you get visible gains
  • + Our Instagram posts aim to inform, educate and empower you

Feel free to contact us about what you'd like to see or do together!